Advanced Power Inc.- Robison Solar Systems
                     PO Box 1937 or 1520 E. Eagle Rd Weatherford, OK  73096 
                                      Toll Free  866-519-7892  
         Sales and marketing office: PO Box 548 207 W. Main Canton OK 73724

Toll Free 877-519-7893
View our Robison solar water pump, water well Installation video! Yes, you can do it yourself. It's easy! Also please visit our Robison Solar video page to view the new ground rod install video! Very important!
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Actual Solar Water Pumping kit pictured above.
This page was last updated: October 7, 2015
Robison Solar is a Division of Advanced Power Inc and We now sell Advanced Power Inc. pumps.
In 2006 Robison Solar after having been run by little Giant Pump Co. in OKC for six years, was purchased by Advanced Power Inc and is now ran under their direction. All pumps and products are marketed under Advanced Power Inc. The solar pumps have been redesigned and upgraded to the best that nearly 30 years in the solar pumping business has taught the Robison Solar team and their new partners. It's an exciting time for us in the solar water pumping industry and we are producing our best pumps ever. Brushless motors have relieved the problem of brushes burning out as in the old style pumps. More industrial solar pump motors with higher quality bearings have nearly eliminated bearing issues that plagued many solar pump manufacturers in the past. There are many more advantages to the new style pumps Advanced Power is selling today. Please give them a look at and see what a solar pump from Advanced Power Inc. can do for you.