At Robison Solar, solar powered water well pumps are the heart of our business.
As one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry, Robison Solar has manufactured and distributed solar powered water pumps and solar well pump kits at prices well below the rest since 1988. We save you time, money and hassle, and we love doing it! Not only do we try to build the best solar powered pumps, we strive to be the best company for you to buy a solar pump from.

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Robison Solar Systems sell solar water pumping systems from Advanced Power Inc, solar water pumps,  solar water well systems, a solar water well pump.  We sell solar power water pumps for livestock wells,  well water pumping,  and complete pumping systems, Advanced Power pond pumps, solar well pumps.  We are 25 year experts in solar water pumping and system building.  Solar well pumps are our specialty but we sell many styles of solar water pumping systems and build solar water pumping kits for all types of applications.  We have easy to size and install solar water pumping kits to make it easy  for you to determine which solar water pump system you need.  We take the guess work out of solar water pumping. 
View our Robison solar water pump, water well Installation video! Yes, you can do it yourself. It's easy! Also please visit our Robison Solar video page to view the new ground rod install video! Very important!
We make a great solar water pumping kit! For over 20 years Robison has been known for selling solar powered water pumping systems to solve the water pumping needs of consumers around the world. If you are needing a solar water pump to pump water from a well,creek, pond or river our  Robison solar pump is the solar pump for you! We think you will love our Robison solar pump. Get a solar powered pump today!
We at Robison Solar Systems have sold literally thousands of solar pumps and solar water pumping systems to people all over the world!  We strive to manufacture and sell the best solar water pumps in the industry.  Our solar water pump systems are watering countless thousands of livestock across the globe from a well, pond, river or creek. They are also pumping water for numerous homes, cabins and villages.  Our pumps work great with pressure tank and pressure switch applications. Click on our products page for more detailed information about our solar water pumping systems including the installation manual. Also click on the Quick Tips letter above for a brief Robison Solar potential customer letter that explains many of the basic principles of the solar water pumping industry and how our systems fit into your needs.  A Robison solar well pump system is one of the easiest products to size and install and our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will always do their best to help you pick just the right solar well water pumping system.  Our customers love our easy to size solar pump systems.  There are many important facts on our products page so read through it carefully and then give us a call or send us an email at Robison Solar Systems about purchasing your solar water pump!  We sell the Robison solar pump that we manufacture and then we sell the high flow/deep well pumping systems and high flow/deep well pumps when our pumps and systems won't quite do the job required whether it be needing more volume or pumping from greater depths than our Robison pumps and systems can the pumps are a nice fit in the solar water pumping industry.  You can find more technical information about the hf/dw systems on our products page. Through our buying power on all the modules we sell in our Robison systems we are able to obtain solar modules at a much lower cost than most hf/dw dealers so our hf/dw pumping kits are very reasonable compared to most.  We pass the savings on to you.  Don't pay retail for a hf/dw system get a quote from us and see how the volume of modules we buy every year can save you money on a hf/dw solar water pumping system.  We have been selling the hf/dw systems for several years now with great success and if you need one, we will try and save you money. Our brushless motor pump just may be the best pump of this type on the market today!  We have eliminated the weak link of brushes in our pump motor.  The secret to long pump life is removing the brush type motor and going with a brushless motor pump.  We will increase the life of our pump considerably with this brushless pump motor.  We love our pump and we think you will love our pump too.
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Robison solar pump
Robison solar pump
For over 25 years people around the globe have depended on our systems to pump water for livestock, wildlife, homes and cabins,  and small irrigation.
Try our state of the art Aluminum housing, Brushless motor solar pumps with even greater pump life than before!  We stand behind our products with the highest level of customer service.  We take care of you!
We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied customers we are serving today.   Let us know what a Robison solar water pumping system can do for you. We think you will love our easy to use systems!
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Actual Robison Solar Water Pumping kit pictured above.
You can use multiple Robison solar systems in the same well or water source for increased flow! Many times, you can buy two or more of our systems for less than one of the competition!
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Robison Solar is a Division of Advanced Power Inc and We now sell Advanced Power Inc. pumps.
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